Queen Professional: Explore a Flavorful World at Our Factory Outlet Shop in Sydney

Queen Professional: Explore a Flavorful World at Our Factory Outlet Shop in Sydney

For over 125 years, the iconic Australian brand Queen has stood as an unwavering symbol of trust in the world of flavor solutions. Proudly continuing its legacy, Queen now unveils a new look that complements its time-tested recipes, promising a refreshing experience for cake-decorating professionals and bakers alike.

Queen Professional : New Look, Same Trusted Recipe!

Queen's commitment to excellence remains unshaken as it introduces a fresh aesthetic while preserving the essence of its trusted recipes. The new look is a testament to Queen's dedication to innovation and quality, ensuring that the flavours you've come to rely on remain as exceptional as ever.

Natural Flavors for Culinary Mastery

Crafting exquisite desserts, captivating drinks, and savory dishes is an art, and Queen is here to elevate your creations. Queen's natural flavors and extracts are crafted from nature's finest ingredients, delivering an unparalleled depth of taste that has been the secret ingredient for culinary professionals for over a century.

Liquid Format for Unmatched Convenience

Say goodbye to the hassle of zesting and infusing with Queen's liquid format. This convenient alternative not only saves you precious time but also ensures a consistent flavor profile in every creation. Whether you're adding a hint of Almond, a burst of Orange, or the warmth of Brandy, Queen's liquid format is your reliable partner in culinary adventures.

Explore the Queen Professional Flavor Range

Dive into a world of possibilities with Queen's extensive flavor range, meticulously curated to inspire your culinary journey. Here are some highlights from the Queen Professional flavor collection:

  1. Natural Almond Extract 500 mL
  2. Natural Aniseed Essence 500 mL
  3. Natural Brandy Essence 500 mL
  4. Natural Coconut Essence 500 mL
  5. Natural Lemon Extract 500 mL
  6. Natural Orange Extract 500 mL
  7. Natural Peppermint Extract 500 mL
  8. Natural Rosewater Essence 500 mL
  9. Natural Rum Essence 500 mL
  10. Natural Almond Extract 5 Litre
  11. Natural Brandy Essence 5 Litre
  12. Natural Lemon Extract 5 Litre
  13. Natural Rosewater Flavour Essence 5 Litre

From the delicate notes of Almond to the bold richness of Brandy, Queen's flavor range empowers you to create a symphony of tastes that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

The Queen Professional Factory Outlet In Sydney

Padstow Food Service, a respected name in the Sydney foodservice industry for over 30 years, has collaborated with Queen and has now been established as Queen’s Sydney based Factory Outlet.

The Queen Professional’s extensive range of products are therefore now be easily accessible to cake decorators, bakers, chefs and food enthusiasts in Sydney and beyond.

One of the best things about the Queen Professional Factory Outlet at Padstow Food Service is the wide range of Baking and Cake Decorating supplies it has available. 

Located at 2d Arab Road in Padstow right near Padstow McDonalds with plenty of onsite parking available, wheelchair accessable and open to the public five and a half days per week

Elevate Your Creations with Queen

As a cake decorating professional or baker, your creations are a reflection of your passion and dedication. With Queen's natural flavors and extracts, you not only get a century-old promise of quality but also a palette of tastes that will transform your culinary creations into masterpieces.

Unleash your creativity and trust in Queen to be your flavor companion on this delectable journey. Because when it comes to taste, experience matters, and Queen has been perfecting it for 125 years.

2nd Dec 2023 Darren White | Padstow Food Service Distributors

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