Bulk Fresh Sliced Onions For Sausage Sizzles and BBQ Events

Bulk Fresh Sliced Onions For Sausage Sizzles and BBQ Events

Running a sporting club or not-for-profit organisation often means working with a tight budget. 

One of the essential ingredients for any barbecue event is sliced onions. While some clubs may choose to slice onions themselves, it can be a challenging task to find volunteers willing to do so. As a result, most clubs prefer to buy pre-sliced onions in bulk, either fresh or frozen, each with unique benefits.

Fresh vs Frozen Sliced Onions: Which Option is Best for Your Club?

Fresh sliced onions are easy and fast to cook and don't suck the heat out of your barbecue hotplate like frozen onions tend to do. However, fresh onions have a shorter shelf life and need to be ordered in advance, leading to spoilage and waste if not used promptly. Frozen sliced onions, on the other hand, are easy to purchase and available whenever needed. However, they tend to expel more moisture, reducing the hotplate temperature and making the process more messy.

Clubs should weigh the pros and cons of fresh and frozen sliced onions and consider their specific needs when deciding which to purchase. Ultimately, the decision should be based on what works best for the club's budget, storage space, and overall needs.

Popular Sporting Clubs and Not-for-Profit Organisations That Could Benefit from Bulk Sliced Onions

Many types of clubs can benefit from buying pre-sliced onions in bulk, including Scouts, Girl Guides, cricket, soccer, football, netball, and softball clubs, schools, kindergartens, Lions and Rotary clubs, Rural Fire Service, Surf Life Saving clubs, cancer fundraising, Salvation Army, church groups, and any other not-for-profit club or organization.

Where to Buy Your Bulk Sliced Onions in Sydney

If your club is located in Sydney, Padstow Food Service is a great place to get fresh or frozen bulk sliced onions. Padstow Food Service is a family-owned and operated company who have been assisting local Sydney clubs and not-for-profit organisations with their catering and packaging needs for over 30 years. Their Sydney Factory Outlet Shop is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, and they also offer refrigerated shipping subject to certain conditions.

Buying Bulk Sliced Onions for sporting clubs or not-for-profit organisations from Padstow Food Service

In conclusion

Buying pre-sliced onions in bulk is a cost-effective and time-saving option that can benefit many sporting clubs and not-for-profit organizations.

Whether fresh or frozen, bulk sliced onions can ensure a consistent ingredient for a successful barbecue event while saving money, time, and effort.

17th Mar 2023 Darren White | Padstow Food Service Distributors

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