Looma's Gourmet Cakes For Every Occasion

Looma's Gourmet Cakes For Every Occasion

We are excited to announce Padstow Food Service is now an official Factory Outlet Shop for Looma's Gourmet Cakes in Sydney!

Looma’s Cakes operates from a local, custom built state of the art cake factory enabling them to create exquisite cakes and pastries of unparalleled quality.

Everything Made From Scratch

Looma’s do not use any pre-mixes and take great care sourcing the finest ingredients from manufacturers and suppliers from around the world including Fonterra New Zealand butter and Belcolade Belgian chocolate. 

Making everything from scratch allows them to ensure that every batch of cakes and pastries is of consistently high quality.

Looma’s Cakes & Macaron Range

  • Assorted French Macarons 12 (Gluten Free)

Handcrafted Macarons made with 100% gluten free natural ingredients 3 of the most popular flavours included (4x of each) Pistachio, Strawberry & Chocolate

  • Raffaello Cake (Halal)

Coconut infused white chocolate mousse, two layers of almond dacquoise, roasted whole almonds and white chocolate glaze

  • Ferrero Rocher Cake (Halal)

Ferrero Rocher Cake has two layers of almond dacquoise and a velvety smooth hazelnut mousse

  • Vegan Chocolate Cake (Gluten Free, Halal)

Eggless, Dairy Free and Gluten Free rich and moist VEGAN dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and glaze with roasted almonds

  • Vanilla Sponge & Raspberry Cake (Gluten Free, Halal)

A gluten free sponge made with two layers of almond dacquoise, white chocolate and vanilla bean mousse with fresh seasonal raspberry jelly filling.

  • Chocolate Mud Cake (Gluten Free, Halal)

A rich and moist gluten free and eggless dark chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache and glaze.

  • Classic Carrot Cake (Halal)

A traditional carrot cake with cream cheese icing in the middle, white glaze and roasted walnuts

  • Chocolate Truffle Cake (Gluten Free, Halal)

A gluten free chocolate cake with two layers of almond dacquoise, roasted hazelnuts and beautiful smooth chocolate mousse throughout.

  • New York Style Baked Cheesecake (Halal)

White chocolate & cream cheese New York style baked cheesecake with cinnamon biscuit crumb base

  • Baked Ricotta Cheese Cake (Halal)

A creamy Italian style baked ricotta cheesecake topped with crunchy crumble

  • Baked Blueberry Cheesecake (Halal)

A baked white chocolate cheesecake with a crumbly cinnamon biscuit base topped with blueberry compote

Pre-Sliced Cakes

All Looma’s cakes and cheesecakes are available as whole cakes or pre-sliced into 10 generous slices.

Looma’s Tart Range

  • Lemon (Nut Free) 6 Pack

Buttery Shortcrust Tart with citrus lemon curd

  • Berry Almond 6 Pack

Buttery Shortcrust Tart with almond frangipane and mixed berries

  • Apple Crumble (Nut Free) 6 Pack

Buttery Shortcrust Tart, apple filling with sultanas and cinnamon topped with crunchy crumble

Orders can be placed online for pick up from our Factory Outlet Shop located at 2D Arab Road Padstow (just near McDonalds) 

Who is Padstow Food Service?

Padstow Food Service is a family-owned and operated company who have been serving Australia with their catering and packaging needs for over 30 years. The Sydney Factory Outlet Shop is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, and we also offer refrigerated delivery subject to certain conditions in the Sydney Metro area.

Telephone 0297922170

13th May 2023 Darren White | Padstow Food Service Distributors

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