Calculating finger food quantities for a party or event!

Are you planning a casual party or event?

One of the questions many people struggle with is working out how much food to serve.

Too little and your reputation as the perfect host/hostess is destroyed, too much and it's a waste...right?

This guide will answer those questions about catering quantities to make certain that your guests will not have to do a Macca's run on their way home from your party or event.

General guide

Pre-Dinner Nibbles - You will need 3-5 pieces 

Cocktail Party - Allow 4-6 pieces per hour per person - where the finger food is served in place of a meal. Keep in mind that you will serve more pieces per hour in the 1st 2 hours and far less per hour after that.

Remember snacks with meat and fried foods are more filling.

Remember the longer the party and the larger your guest list, the more finger food options you should offer


1 slice of cake / tart / pavlova

2 mini dessert options / Cream Puffs / Mini Eclairs / Petite Cake

150 grams of ice cream or similar

If serving two of the above options then reduce by half

9th Oct 2018 Darren White

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