Factory Outlet Shop : Bulk Spices, Rubs and Seasonings

Factory Outlet Shop : Bulk Spices, Rubs and Seasonings

You don’t have to live near or travel to a specialty shop to buy safe, pure, ethically-sourced and superior quality herbs, spices, rubs and seasonings.

From Alseason to Za’Atar Padstow Food Service has been supplying Australian chefs and home chefs for over 30 years all over Australia with fresh quality herbs and spices in collaboration with their supply partner Krio Krush Basic Foods.


Our customers include:-

  • Chefs
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Bulk Food Manufacturers
  • Butchers
  • Retail Outlets
  • Delicatessens
  • Fruit Shops
  • Household Consumers

Krio Krush products are all natural, which means:-

  • No Preservatives
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • No Genetically Modified Products.

All of their ingredients are sourced from the best growers and processors in Australia and around the World who must meet strict quality requirements.

Krio Krush take great care to maintaining product freshness for as long as possible and have developed KRIOpak packaging that will retain freshness in harsh commercial kitchen environments.

Buying In Bulk To Save Money

Buying herbs, spices, rubs, and seasonings in bulk can be an excellent way to save money, and it's especially useful for items that you use frequently. 

Here are some of the benefits of purchasing herbs, spices, rubs, and seasonings in bulk:

1.Cost-Effective: When you buy herbs, spices, rubs, and seasonings in bulk, you pay a lower price per unit. This can be especially helpful for expensive or hard-to-find ingredients that you use often.

2.Freshness: By buying in bulk, you can ensure that your herbs, spices, rubs, and seasonings are fresh. Since you will be using them up quickly, there is less chance that they will sit around for long periods and lose their flavour.

3.Reduced Packaging: When you buy in bulk, you help reduce packaging waste. Instead of buying small packets of herbs and spices that come in plastic containers, you can bring your reusable containers and fill them up at a bulk store or spice market.

4.Custom Blends: Buying in bulk allows you to create your own custom spice blends. You can experiment with different combinations until you find the perfect blend that suits your tastes.

5.Convenience: When you have a well-stocked pantry of herbs, spices, rubs, and seasonings, you can easily create flavourful meals without needing to run to the store every time you need a specific ingredient.

Where to Buy Bulk Spices, Rubs and Seasonings in Australia?

Padstow Food Service is a great place to Buy Bulk Spices, Rubs and Seasonings in Australia

Who is Padstow Food Service?

Padstow Food Service is a family-owned and operated company who have been serving Australia with their catering and packaging needs for over 30 years. Their Sydney Factory Outlet Shop is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, and they also offer delivery and shipping Australia Wide subject to certain conditions as well as a refrigerated delivery service in the Sydney Metro area .

14th Apr 2023 Darren White | Padstow Food Service Distributors

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