Pidy Maxi Round Vol-Au-Vents 9.5cm 48 Pack

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  • Pidy Maxi 9.5cm Round Vol-Au-Vent With Seperate Lid
  • Pidy Maxi 9.5cm Round Vol-Au-Vent Filled


Pidy Maxi 9.5cm round vol au vents each with seperate lid ideal for sweet or savoury applications with hot or cold fillings and can be frozen after filling ideal for creating an inspiring main course for any event.

Hand made to the French method so sizes can vary slightly and for optimum results with cold fillings, they should be refreshed in an oven for 5 minutes at 160 degrees then allowed to cool before filling.

  • 48 pieces in each catering pack
  • Each Vo-au-Vent has seperate lid
  • Size 9.5cm diameter and 3.8cm in height
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