Where Can You Buy Parisian Essence In Australia

Where Can You Buy Parisian Essence In Australia

You can still buy Bingo Parisian Essence from Padstow Food Service in Sydney however unfortunately the Queen Parisian Essence is no longer available in Australia.

Who is Padstow Food Service?

Padstow Food Service is a Factory Outlet that is open to the public and trade located in Padstow just south of Sydney near Padstow McDonalds. There is plenty of customer parking available onsite and if you go there you can browse and be amazed by the huge range and variety of products available from baking and cake decorating supplies, frozen finger foods, packaging and more.

Is Parisian Essence available to purchase online?

Bingo Parisian Essence is also available to order online from with shipping available Australia Wide at reasonable rates.

What is Parisian Essence?

Parisian Essence is an iconic Australian product which was formerly made by Queen Fine Foods and widely used by consumers traditionally as a browning agent for adding depth of colour to gravy, puddings and cakes and a wide variety of other baking applications.

What ingredients are in Bingo Parisian Essence?

Water, Colour (150c), Salt, Food Acid (330), Preservative (211)

  • Colour (150c) is a natural colour obtained from beet, sugar cane or maize starch and is otherwise known as caramel colour. It is a water-soluble colouring that may vary from pale yellow to dark brown and has a burnt sugar like odour.
  • Food Acid (330) is a widely used food additive which is naturally derived from citrus fruits and imparts a sour or citrus flavor to food and beverages. It can also have a preservative effect. Most soft drink labels include citric acid, and you will also find it in icecream where it modifies fat cells, effervescent drinks
  • Preservative (211) commonly known as sodium benzoate is artificially made and is the most widely used ingredient in acidic foods such as salad dressings , carbonated drinks, jams and fruit juices, pickles, condiments, and toppings.

Who makes Bingo Parisian Essence?

Bingo Parisian Essence is made in Australia by Cerebos Gregg’s Ltd with at least 70% Australian ingredients.

19th Jul 2022

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